Health clinic

"Pokrovka Clinic" is a multidisciplinary medical center that has been operating successfully for many years in private Russian healthcare. Our highest-category health professionals use advanced technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients. Modern equipment and a wide range of services enable us to promptly deliver an accurate diagnosis, provide timely assistance, and find an integrated approach to any patient's problem.

The clinic is located in the downtown Moscow, near the metro stations "Kurskaya", "Kitay-Gorod" and "Chistye Prudy". We work seven days a week!

Our doctors value their strong professional reputation. The commercial component is not critical for us when dealing with a patient – we do not assign unnecessary tests and examinations as they can do harm. Thus, in choosing a diagnostic and therapeutic tactics, paying respect to personal experience, we are primarily guided by the principles of evidence-based medicine!

Or main goal is to be your support and partner when fighting the disease and the highest reward for us is your strong health.

Our patients have an opportunity to get same-day medical assistance and attend a medical examination on the walk-in basis.

Our services

Ø Mammology
Ø Oncology
Ø Surgery
Ø Gynecology
Ø Reproductive medicine (treatment for infertility and miscarriage)
Ø Endocrinology
Ø Therapy
Ø Urology
Ø Cardiology
Ø Neurology
Ø Dentistry
Ø Coloproctology
Ø Ultrasound diagnosis
Ø X-ray radiography
Ø Laboratory diagnostics
Ø Cytological and histological examination

Contact Us

Moscow, Pokrovka str.,
h. 31, b. 1. map

Everyday: с 9.00 до 21.00
+7 (495) 249-33-11

+7 (499) 550-33-11

Kitay-Gorod, Kurskaya, Chistye Prudy.